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Care + Options


No judgment. No pressure. No cost. Just care.

Pregnancy Services & Solutions

Learn more about early pregnancy signs and symptoms and your next steps. We provide free pregnancy testing and limited ultrasounds to confirm your pregnancy.

Free Pregnancy Testing
Compassionate Care

Get the care and answers you need to make an empowered choice. We provide medical care and support services in a private and confidential environment. Contact us to learn more about our free services for women.

Considering Abortion?

Want to know more about medical or surgical abortions? We provide free information and consultations on abortion procedures. Be empowered. Make an informed choice.  It's important first to rule out ectopic pregnancy and know how far along you are. We provide ultrasounds at no cost to you so you can make an informed decision.

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Education & Support

If you are in need of sexual health or reproductive health education, pregnancy options information, parenting education and classes, or after abortion support, we are here for you, too. 

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About Us

Shine Women's Center is a free women's center in West Hazleton, PA and serves all of Luzerne County. We believe women and men have a right to get the information they need from a place that will not profit from their choice. All services are confidential and are provided at no cost.


How Can We Help?

We are located at 131 North Warren Street, West Hazleton, PA 18202

We are committed to protecting your health information. Please be aware that communicating via unencrypted/regular texting has some level of risk of being read by a 3rd party. Do you still prefer to text?

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