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Baby clothes hung up in a closet

Classes and education

Pregnancy and parenthood are filled with uncertainty. That is why Shine Women's Center offers support through a wide range of resources designed to help guide you through pregnancy, baby care, and beyond. Whether it is through group or one-on-one classes, our classes are designed to increase your knowledge and confidence. The lessons are fun, interesting, and practical.  They also give you the chance to earn some pretty awesome baby swag, including diapers, car seats, portable cribs, stroller, and high chair through our material assistance program!  

>> Classes are free by appointment

Material Assistance

We provide tangible support to all women who are experiencing financial difficulties. You can obtain needed maternity clothes throughout your pregnancy. 


We continue our support after your baby’s birth as well. You can receive additional clothing for your infant and other children every three months up to child size 10-12, along with diapers, wipes, bottles, strollers, highchairs, etc. To enroll in the program, we require a referral from a social worker. 

By helping you obtain these needed items and provide for your family, we hope to alleviate any financial strain you may be encountering in caring for your newborn so you can enjoy this special time with your baby.

Pregnancy and Parenting Support

We provide classes, resources, material assistance and one-on-one support for new parents.

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